New! online course
"14 days to a bottle"

The course will take you step-by-step to help your bottle refusing baby to one that loves drinking from his bottle.
it is an interactive course that uses
effective & gentle methods 
to give you the proper "baby steps" towards a bottle:
"BWB method – Bottle Without Battle"

So how did BWB start?


One day, a breastfeeding consultant approached Karen Farkash to see if she could help parents solve their baby's bottle refusal problem, due to Karen's unique combination as a behavior analyst with past doula experience. Karen took on this challenge and started investigating the subject. For five years she worked with parents in helping their babies take a bottle. From each baby she learned the triggers and causes and little by little created the BWB method and perfected it. She found that there are various reasons why babies refuse to drink from a bottle. More important she found that once the cause was identified and the baby was directed in the right way, the baby was able to learn to enjoy taking a bottle. Even if the baby was originally a very stubborn bottle refuser.

As the year went by and cases repeated themselves, Karen packaged the knowledge for resolving bottle refusal in an online course "14 Days to a Bottle", which is the essence of the BWB method. The course is built from interactive steps in order to properly identify and resolve each baby's difficulty gently and efficiently. This way your efforts are directed toward success and at a price that is available for any mother.

"I couldn't believe my child would enjoy the bottle... this was the best thing that ever happened to us. It has done good for me and the baby as well. I was finally able to get away from home for more than two hours."
Nofar Dar
"We came to the course after our little breastfeeding baby refused to take a bottle no matter what we tried. we were already desperate 🙁
"Within a week and a half of the course our baby started eating from a bottle without a fight!
I have to admit that I was skeptical at first ..."
Eden Salomon‎

The "14 days to a bottle" online course is suitable for:

14 Days to a Bottle online course costs $74, and will save you time and money trying out different bottles and going to consultants 

We are currently offering the course at a special discount 

of only $47  


And as a bonus you will get a guide that teaches the baby to love the pacifier and another on solid foods


60 Days Money back guarantee